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Very Interesting and Fun

Good things: Pixel art is always awesome. The abundance of paths added a lot of depth. Logging which paths you took at the end was neat. The 'storys' of each phase of the dragon's life were interesting.

Bad things: Not so much. Walking as the hero took too long and I usually skipped that part, especially when I set the dragon far away from the town.

Overall: The cool concept and unique style makes this a great flash game. Great job. :]

Possibly one of the best flash games ever

This game is pretty much perfect. The ONLY thing I didn't like about it was how sometimes the camera went crazy. Excellent job you guys.

Great game, Fuzz

That was a nice. It was a good strategy game, like something I've never played before. The graphics and animation were good and the gameplay ruled.

Good Game, Mo

This was enjoyable. The combos are the things that make you think you're doing good, but there's just something about these kinds of games that I really love, and this is a new deliver of the concept, sliding.

mofunzone responds:

Thanks for playing Zwe! :)

Great Game you two!

The graphics were nice, the style was hilarious and cute. I couldn't really hear the music, but the sounds suited this well. This game, I thought, was pretty hard (I only got to the toast boss D:)
You guys make a great team :D


I know I'm in this, but I still loved the other games and the added modes.
LOL! You used my game for the icon

Hey! I see me!

Funny game you two. When I saw the Tom Fulp head, I started to crack up.
Happy Pico day!

Yet another Pico Masterpeice!

And this one is submitted by the legendary Tom Fulp and MindChamber! Even though it was short, the animation was very smooth and nice!
Happy Pico day!

Excellant Remake!

Even though the movement is a little slow, it is still a great game!
As good as the original!
Happy Pico day!

Wish it was longer

I love the graphics and animation! Can't wait until you make the rest of the missions!

by the way, your fishsticks suck

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